Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the European Union: Germany Tops the List

According to Eurostat (2019 data), Germany is the European Union country that emits the highest amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland are the top three most polluting countries in the European Union, according to data published by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat) in a study on carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions from EU member states during the year 2018.

With 22.5% of the total percentage of polluting emissions, Germany ranks as the most polluting country among the 28 members. Behind it are the United Kingdom, with 11% of emissions, and Poland with 10.3%. It is worth noting that Poland is closely followed by France and Italy, as Eurostat has determined that both have contributed 10% each to the deterioration of European air quality.

Spain in sixth place

Behind them all is Spain, in sixth place, accounting for 7.7% of carbon dioxide emissions. With these figures, much lower than those recorded in Germany, Spain managed to reduce emissions by 3.2% in 2018 compared to the previous year. In this regard, Spain is the tenth country in the European Union that, according to Eurostat, has contributed the most to minimizing the release of toxic gases into the air.

The number one position in this category goes to Portugal, which has reduced emissions by 9% compared to the previous period. The overall average reduction in pollutant gas production in the EU has been 2.5%.

30% reduction by 2030

Eurostat points out Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Malta, Luxembourg, Finland, and Poland as the European countries whose percentages of toxic gas emissions have increased compared to 2017. The report concludes that of all the greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union, 80% are from CO₂.

The agreements reached by the member countries for the future include a 30% reduction in these types of gases by 2030.