in Spain 80% of entrepreneurs close before their first year

That of making a virtue of necessity does not always work out. This is demonstrated by the fact that 80 percent of new companies, created by young entrepreneurs, “die” in their first year of life.
Many of the people who start a business do it by necessity, and not by vocation.

The high unemployment figures have led many unemployed to create their own business in order to survive. On many occasions, the employer lacks the necessary training to run the company, hence the failures.
In Spain many people start their career as entrepreneurs without knowing what they have to face. In Spain, many people are being encouraged to start a business, in many cases without looking if the person has the right skills to develop their own business. This has led to frustration and the closure of 80% of businesses in their first year. The most dramatic thing is that when an entrepreneur closes in many cases his assets, his relationships and his social environment are affected, because when an entrepreneur closes in most cases he does it alone.
Some of the causes of this massive closure are not making a realistic business plan, setting out the real capital needs, having the amounts of the subsidies as part of the initial capital (the amount of the subsidies cannot be considered part of the initial capital since in many cases they arrive when the business is already underway and they are an important help but not the key to the survival of the company), not evaluating the market and if there are really people interested in the solution that they are going to offer , not creating something different from what exists in the market, which leads to having to enter into a price war, which considerably reduces the profit margin, or the lack of knowledge of what it really means to undertake, of the difficulties that everything entrepreneur has in the day to day of his business and the challenges he must overcome.

Which shows how important it is to have a good preparation, a business plan and do a market study before starting a business.