Lanzadera selects more than 120 companies, 15 of which are Portuguese

I had written you some articles last year related to Marina de Empresas and now, I have come across a new piece of news about Lanzadera that I would like to share with you all. For the first time, the accelerator is welcoming companies from abroad.

Lanzadera, the business accelerator belonging to Marina de Empresas and promoted by the businessman Juan Roig, has selected more than 120 startups for its January call, with the novelty that 15 come from Portugal. Companies are innovating in sectors such as real estate, healthcare, industry, fashion, marketing, food and energy, and those that have developed solutions using artificial intelligence to add value to users stand out.

“For the first time, we have moved outside of Spain to attract companies. Portugal has pleasantly surprised us with the quality of the entrepreneurs and their projects. In general, the companies selected in this call offer differential technological solutions that strategically position them in the market”, explains Javier Jiménez, general director of Lanzadera.

Since its founding in 2013, Lanzadera has promoted more than 1,100 companies that have generated more than 10,000 jobs, providing 21.8 million euros in loans. Currently, around 300 companies are receiving support from Lanzadera at its facilities in the Marina de València.

The selected companies are assigned to one of the 4 phases that make up the program: the Scale Up phase is aimed at mature companies that have a proven and profitable model but need help to reach new goals; the Growth phase promotes companies with potential but that pursue faster growth; the Traction phase is focused on startups in their initial phase; and the Start phase is assigned to entrepreneurs who are still shaping their project.

Teams can receive aid ranging from 1,000 euros to financing of 500,000 euros. In addition, several of them will have the possibility of collaborating with large companies through the Corporate agreements currently active in Lanzadera.

These are some of the companies selected by Lanzadera for its new call in January 2023:

Aldea Energy creates solar communities, helping neighbors and companies save and allowing self-consumption to be enjoyed without investment, without permanence and even without a roof.

AyGLOO is an explainable and intuitive AI so that anyone without technical knowledge can take advantage of the full value of artificial intelligence.

 Bandora is a virtual Facility Manager that turns any smart building into an autonomous building, seamlessly integrated with any existing IoT.

 Biotech & Nutrition Research has developed Retiprotek, a new nutraceutical that could help delay vision loss in people affected by retinitis pigmentosa.

ByAr combines augmented reality with other technologies to create digital environments that connect stories, people and spaces.

Chaise Longue Economy Seat are double-height airplane, train, boat and bus seats that increase passenger comfort and optimize cabin space.

Chat Ergo Bot is the most intuitive SaaS platform for chatbots and conversational voicebots on the market, with a focus on small businesses.

Clevergy is a software to optimize the energy consumption of homes. To do this, it associates with banks,  commercialization companies, companies and public entities.

Datalex is software for legal practice, designed by lawyers, for the daily management of legal matters.

Digital Manager Guru provides all the resources to be able to execute an online sales operation with complete freedom of choice on which services and tools to use.

Equito democratizes access to the real estate market through blockchain to offer the purchase of fractions of a property from 100 euros.

 Erasmus Play is a student accommodation comparator in more than 500 cities around the world that makes the booking process easy, fast and secure.

Fitenium is the mobile application and online community for personal training and injury prevention.

FitnessKPI is an AI-powered Business Intelligence that analyzes data and automates actions to improve results.

Flyde is an easy-to-use customer data platform designed to understand a company’s customers by combining artificial intelligence with Big Data.

Gastrokaizen is software for chefs to design profitable dishes, ensure quality, and stay in control of their kitchen.