Madame Manorama visited Kusunoki

Last week in Kusunoki we received a visit from Madame Manorama from India.
In Kusunoki we have a processing plant, where we produce food products for both PA and Kusunoki’s own products.

Madame Manorama was interested in visiting the processing plant and learning how to work in a processing plant in Japan and learning about hygiene and safety measures so that she could use it as an example in India.

First we showed her our warehouse, we explain how we store the products. I noticed that called her attention that we needed a dehumidifier in the warehouse working 24 hours. Then we went to the processing plant, unfortunately, that day there was no production work, this would have served to better understood how it works. But we explained to her all the necessary steps trying to make it as realistic as possible.
From changing our clothes, hygiene and safety measures. This is very important to avoid contaminating the products and the presence of foreign bodies in the products that we produce.
Then we explained her how we do the sorting of the products and how we pack them.
I noticed that called her attention that we use a metal detector to verify that there are no metallic objects inside the packages (foreign bodies) and the vacuum machine.

We at the Kusunoki production plant team hope that it was a useful visit and that she can use it to produce products in India.